As most know, MMA fighters go through hell and back to train for their time in the Octagon. MMA fighters train to be as lean and efficient as they can be for once they step in the ring, they are literally fighting for their lives.

In order to be a great fighter, you need to train efficiently and smartly. Most MMA fighters need the right mix of upper body and lower body strength but above all else, need a rock solid core.

This 15 minute workout was inspired by MMA style workouts and I’ve compiled them into a circuit for you to do if you’re up for the challenge.


Do 6 sets of each exercise with no rest in between exercises. With each subsequent set, drop the # of reps by 1 so that by the last set you are doing 1 rep of each exercise. You want to go no more than 15 min as this is a circuit.


  1. Judo Pushup
  2. Chinup
  3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  4. Upright Row
  5. Plank Pushups

Judo Pushup Judo Pushup 1Chinup

Chin Up

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

DB Shoulder Press


Upright Row

Upright Row


Plank Pushup


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