We Will Coach You to the Best Shape of Your Life!

For close to a decade, we have taught thousands of clients around the World how to transform their bodies and lives! We want you to be the next one to transform but we don’t want you to be discouraged because you can’t afford a personal trainer & coach.

Rather, we want to offer you the same tips, guidance and support that we give all our private clients but at a fraction of the cost. Why would we do this? Because we simply cannot help every client who approaches us for guidance. Due to overwhelming demand, our schedule is full for the next several months and there is often a backlog of prospective clients who require our expertise and guidance in the areas of exercise and nutritional science.

Proven Record of Success & Results!

With a track record of success with well over 1000 proud and transformed individuals spread across 26 countries, we want to show you a proven & effective way to burn fat, build muscle, tone up and gain more energy. And we want to give it to you for a fraction of the cost of a regular training session. While we would love to help every single individual who approaches us, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to meet the demand.

Every day, we get hundreds of emails and messages from individuals who want to improve their health, build their bodies and develop a look that will amaze their friends, colleagues and family. People come to us, often discouraged because their prior trainer couldn’t provide results, their own fitness plan fizzled and dejected after every diet failed.

It is for this reason that this very program was created. It was to help people like you! People who want to finally get the six pack they’ve dreamed about, the ability to remain competitive in games and to build a body they are proud to own and show off. We provide those results every single day to hundreds of people!


Work with a Results Driven Team of Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Nutritionists & Dieticians!

There are millions of articles on the Internet, hundreds of personal trainers in your area, thousands of videos showing you what exercises to do, what foods to eat and what supplements to take. So why is it that most people still can’t get to their goals? Why doesn’t everyone viewing these articles, working with trainers & watching Youtube tutorials have a six pack? Why doesn’t everyone have single digit body fat with tight muscles and a toned body? The reason is simple; the advice and routines they are following are not customized!

If it was as simple as pulling out the latest copy of Men’s Fitness & Women’s Health and turning to the celebrity driven workouts every month, everyone with a magazine subscription would be walking around as a fitness model. That’s why each and every one of our clients has their very own unique and customized exercise program and meal plan that is individualized to their specific fitness level and health requirements. We work with you, we understand you and we help you change your body through a partnership.

Before we even begin to accept a client into our program, we conduct an extensive and detailed assessment that focuses on their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. We learn what foods you eat daily, what exercises you do or don’t do, what supplements and vitamins you take. We learn what you’ve done in the past, what you’ve accomplished on your own and what you want to accomplish with our help. It is only when we have an extensive and detailed overview of your expectations and goals that we begin to work on your customized program.

This is where we separate from the hundreds of “fitness gurus” on the Internet and Social Media who claim that their system or their secrets will help you burn fat, build muscle and tone up AT THE SAME TIME. Don’t fall for these hokey promises of quick fixes and overnight results. They never work and they leave you feeling more discouraged and burnt out than ever before.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with thousands of clients in person and through an online partnership. We have studied more clients and body transformations than most trainers will have in their entire careers. We know what works, what doesn’t work and we won’t fill your head with empty promises. We will create the road map for you and coach you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you’ve dreamed about while making sure your health is safe.

We are constantly studying the latest in scientific and medical research and are tweaking our protocols to ensure our clients are at the forefront of cutting edge proven and tested methods for fat loss, mass and muscle building and cutting and toning muscles. We will show you how celebrities get their desired look, how athletes train and eat at the professional level and how you can use their same protocols but in a manner that is designed to suit your body and your fitness level.


Here’s How We Can Help You Burn Fat, Build Muscle & Improve Your Health & Body!

  • We offer access to a team of Experienced & Educated Professionals such as Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Nutritionists & Dieticians
  • Individualized Fitness & Nutritional Plans with a focus on individualized needs and goals
  • Proven & Results Driven Team who strive to guide and coach you every step of the way
  • Absolutely no formulaic workouts of the month or one size fits all diets
  • A comprehensive and individualized approach that focuses on your goals, your progress and your expectations
  • Access to a team that coaches, encourages, motivates and above all else holds you accountable for your actions and decisions.
  • Constant access to the team so as to take the guess work out of your life so you can focus on what matters most; the hard work required in the gym and in the kitchen.
  • Weekly exercise and meal plans that change based on your progress & results. No one size fits all plans here!
  • World class coaching & training for less than the cost of a pizza!


Building Bodies is a Science! There is no secret product, supplement or system that can get you your dream body. I’ve shown thousands of clients, how to build their bodies, keep their bodies and educate others on the same process. I have years of results and positive reviews to back up my protocols and methodologies. Don’t rely on magical shortcuts that will lead to disappointment and regret. Follow a scientific and proven method of achieving results in a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and TIMELY manner. Best of all, this is an informative process where you learn along the way.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that we bring you results through our dedicated research & planning and leave you with the body you desire and dream of. Most women want a lean, toned and defined body that wows people on the streets and in the gym. Most guys try everything to get a six pack, large muscles and an Athletic body that they can be proud to show off in the gym and to their friends and family. We want to help you get to these goals.


Our team has decades of experience and has spent the vast majority of their careers in the fitness industry. We know the scams, the lies and empty promises that supplement companies, personal trainers and commercial gyms feed you on a daily basis. Have any one of those particular plans, products or promotions ever worked for you? Chances are, if you’re reading this, they haven’t and you’re still looking for the right solution to your weight loss and muscle building problem.

You see, with the right scientific and research backed exercise and nutrition protocols, you can get in amazing shape in as little as 2-3 hours a week. The systems we back and utilize are SAFE, EFFECTIVE and FAST! You will never have to worry about ingesting supplements, buying expensive products and signing up for lengthy gym memberships. If you just follow our advice and work with us in creating your individualized and unique plan, we promise you will lose fat, build lean muscle and you’ll wish you came to us sooner. If you put in the time and effort, we promise you results and we will be with you every step of the way.


Popular Goals That Our Clients Request:

  • To lose 10,15,20,……50,70,100 pounds.
  • To look great on their wedding day in front of their closest friends and family
  • To wow people on the beach or at parties
  • To get healthier and more energized
  • To be able to prove to themselves that they can get the body they see on television, movies and in magazines.

At the end of the day, these goals all centre around the science of muscle building, fat loss and strength development. We want to show you how to take cutting edge science and research methodologies that Universities, Athletic programs and celebrities spend millions on and apply it to yourself in a way that BENEFITS YOU & ultimately gets you THE BODY YOU WANT.


But we don’t want you to hear about our results and successes just from us. We want you to hear from many of our proud and successful clients.


If you are serious about your strength training, fitness or nutrition goals. You MUST use Michael and his team at GTA Fitness. They have a World class system and their team is phenomenal in terms of the help and support they provide. I came into the program frustrated and angry at the thousands I spent at a commercial gym, paying for trainers who had no idea what they were doing and above all else only caring about my money. Upon working with GTA Fitness, I noticed a rapid difference compared to the run of the mill trainers that populate every gym across the country. They brought their best and specialized programs that were customized according to my needs and fitness level. Guess what? Within weeks I was dropping bodyfat like crazy and the results were shocking my friends, my co-workers and above all else my beautiful wife & children. At the end of it, they could barely recognize the new ripped and defined version of me. I owe all my fitness successes to GTA Fitness and I implore you to try them out! – Mark D 


I consider myself fortunate to be part of the GTA Fitness Team, because when I first arrived here years ago, I was depressed, angry and disappointed that I had been unable to lose any weight since my college days. I was tired, overweight and upset at my inability to do anything to change my physical appearance and mental attitude. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Michael by a friend that I began to see just how smart and talented he is as a trainer and coach. His knowledge of anything fitness and nutrition related is unmatched and he did wonders to my body. My knee and back pain disappeared and my body started getting firmer and tighter and I dropped several dress sizes. It’s not just his knowledge that’s impressive. It was his desire to help me and understand me that made me a lifelong client and devoted supporter of his services. He is the perfect guy to make complex workouts and meal plans simple and easy to understand. I still consider his blog to be a great resource and I highly recommend you seek out his knowledge and experience as a trainer and coach. – Susan A


I had the luxury of working with GTA Fitness on a goal I’ve been trying to achieve since I was 14 years old. I wanted a six pack. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I spent the next 12+ years listening to the wrong people, buying every product the fitness industry had to offer and I’m ashamed to admit the tens of thousands of dollars I spent on supplements, diet programs and boot camps. Well let me tell you something! This place is the REAL DEAL. By working with their in house nutritionist and trainers, I realized my goals went so much further than just a six pack. I realized I wanted to be more athletic, be healthier and look and feel healthier. Michael and his guys did their job in a way I never thought possible. Working with them was the best decision I’ve ever made and I have recommended so many of my friends to do the same. Each and every one of them came out looking and feeling like a winner. I can’t say enough good things about this team. – Jake C

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