Are you still struggling with fat loss or are not seeing any reduction in fat based on your current workout. I’ll provide one of the many circuits I’ve designed for fat loss & muscle building.

It’s highly effective to do this as a standalone fat loss circuit or as a finisher to your current workout plan. In either event, this is not an easy fat loss circuitand you should be used to the exercises before you start performing them.

This is a highly effective fat blast circuit that I’ve used in the past with clients. It’s designed to raise your metabolic response even after the workout has concluded so you’ll be burning fat throughout the day.

This workout is designed to attack the fat cells in your body, and as a result it recruits your biggest muscles for maximum fat reduction and calorie burn. Your heart rate will escalate rapidly, and this is not a workout for beginners.

You will blast the fat in your body with this workout.

Think of this workout as the perfect balance between a fat loss cardio routine & a fat loss resistance training session. By combining the two from a time and training perspective, you’re shocking your body which has no choicebut to start adapting to the stresses placed on it. As such you’ll become tighter and more defined while ridding your body of excess fat.

Instructions: Complete 5 Rounds of this circuit with as little rest as possible. If you dorest, be sure to rest at the end of the circuit rather than in the middle. Move continuously from one exercise to the next but always focus on good form. If your form breaks, move on to the next exercise.


The Workout

Front Squat To Overhead Press  x8 Front Squat To Overhead Press

Romanian Deadlift To Bent Over Row x8 

Romanian Deadlift To Bent Over Row

Jump Rope for 30 Seconds Jump Rope

Pushup To Plank for 60 Seconds Plank-Pushup

Lunge To Bicep Curl x8 (each side) Offset Lunges with Alternating Curls

Shoulder Front Raise To Shoulder Lateral Raise to Shoulder Rear Lateral Raise x8

Dumbell Front RaiseLateral Side RaiseRear Lateral Raise

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