Want Bigger Arms?

Good! This post will help you get them. Most people spend far too much time doing the wrong exercises and getting discouraged and quitting the gym when they don’t see the results they want and expect. In the case of this post; bigger arms.

Most men spend all or most of their time working two muscle groups: Their chest & their arms, specifically their biceps. Why do most guys spend their time working on these two muscle groups? Easy, they’re the “show me” muscles and are often the easiest to develop.

Walk into any gym, and you’ll often see all the benches taken as guys do bench presses and look towards the free weights section as dozens of men, pump out curl after curl targeting their biceps.

But as often as these muscle groups are worked, most men come to me asking how they can develop and grow their arms. It is the purpose of this post to demonstrate an arm building routine that will grow your biceps and triceps leaving you with bigger arms while also simultaneously developing the rest of your body.

The first rule to grow your biceps is to not focus on your biceps too much. Next, you want to start hitting larger muscle groups in a more efficient manner. You’ll start benefiting not only in developing the bigger muscle group, but your arms will grow in kind.  Thirdly, you simply have to lift more weight so you can create overload and focus on progression. Follow these steps and you’ll have bigger arms a few weeks from now.

One of the best moves for overall bicep development is the Chinup, as you’re literally lifting your bodyweight with your arms. But few people realize this and head right back to doing curls.

Below you’ll find a Total Body Workout that will help you get stronger, fitter and faster at the same time as developing your arms.

Remember: To Grow Bigger Arms, you need to focus on working your biceps & triceps in a more efficient manner. Forget about curls and start focusing on multi faceted moves like the chinup and the dip. You’ll thank yourself for switching from curls to these moves along with several others presented below.

Instructions: Pick 5 exercises and complete this workout. Rest for 48 hours and then pick 5-6 different exercises and complete this as workout #2. Repeat for 3-4 weeks. Complete each exercise for 8-12 reps and increase the weight or difficulty when they become too easy.


Barbell Deadlift Wide Grip Deadlift

Reverse Bench Arm Curl Reverse Bench Arm Curl

Incline Bench Arm Curls Incline Bench Arm Curls

Offset Lunges with Alternating Curls Offset Lunges with Alternating Curls

Inverted Row Inverted Row

T Bar PushupT Pushup

Farmers Walk Farmers Walk

Triceps Extension Triceps Extension

Barbell Row Barbell Row

Close Grip Chinup Chin Up

Dip Dip


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