People are obsessed with fat. Fat Burn, Fat Reduction, Fat Elimination. Fat Burn Workout. Exercises to burn fat. Talk about information overload!

How Do I lose my belly fat and see my abs? 

How do I get a six pack

How do I get a beach body? 

These are some of the most common questions I get asked as a personal trainer.

And the questions concerning abs usually come right as summer is about to roll in. The purpose of this post is to offer a new fat burn workout for my readers.

The weather gets hotter, people become more self-conscious about their bodies and the reality is that most would like to show off their bodies in a way that makes others envious.

But few if any, put in the hard work through proper exercise & nutrition and even less people ever really reach their goals of seeing and keeping their six pack abs.

Don’t get lost in the plethora of fat burn workouts and diets that flood your mailbox, inbox and daily lives.

Train Dirty and Eat Clean is a mantra most of my personal training colleagues useand it is one I subscribe to as well. If you follow this training philosophy, the worst fat burn diet and exercise program will still yield you great results.

Because you’ll be in the gym working your butt off while your friends and family are browsing websites looking for the next great fat burn program.


Summer Bodies - Rachel Bilson - Burn Fat - Fat Burn


The reality is, most people run to the gym with their “workout of the month” from the latest Men’s Health magazine & just keep doing the same routine over and over and over again.

The end result is always the same; no six pack abs, a tired body and a significant loss of motivation.

Before talking about the two most important things to accomplish in terms of seeing your six pack abs, you will want to create a proper training plan.

You will never accomplish anything doing random exercises with no clear cut goals or progression.


Summer Bodies


Now on to the secret formula for your six pack abs.

  1. Eat as clean a diet as you can possibly maintain. The credo “abs are built in the kitchen” is one of the truest statements I’ve come across in my time as a trainer and exercise participant. 
  2. Challenge your body continuously with a steady mix of cardio & resistance training.

Here’s a summer workout to incorporate into your training plan. This is a highly effective fat burn workout. Train smart & train hard!




Perform this total body workout 2-3 times a week and squeeze it into your existing workout routine.

Complete each exercise for between 8-12 reps with the exception of the plank exercises which you will maintain for 45-120 seconds each.

Rest between 45 seconds and 75 seconds and keep moving in a circuit like pattern.


Fat Burn Exercises

Inverted Row

Inverted Row

Turkish Getup 

Turkish Getup

Half Kneeling Cable Core Press

Half Kneeling Cable Core Press

Elevated Feet Plank

Elevated Feet Plank

Elevated Feet Side Plank

Elevated Feet Side Plank

Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

Half Kneeling Cable Core Press Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

Single Arm Dumbell Chest Press

Single Arm Dumbell Chest Press

Alternating Dumbbell Overhead Press

Alternating Dumbbell Overhead Press

Reverse Dumbbell Lunge with Curl

Reverse Dumbbell Lunge with Curl

By completing this fat burn workout, you will carve your midsection & if you couple it up with the right nutritional decisions, you’ll have that six pack in a few weeks time. Remember, like any fat burn workout, when this becomes easy, you want to increase the difficulty either by increasing the weight or reducing the rest periods.

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