GTA Fitness is Toronto’s premiere private training practice. With over 10+ years of experience, we bring cutting edge knowledge and first-rate counseling to our clients. We strive on using cutting edge scientific and research based protocols to provide results to our clients.

We pride ourselves on educating other trainers, gyms & sports programs on actual science and try to rid the industry of inaccurate & deceptive fitness fluff that are shown everyday in magazines, websites & on social media.

Our goal is to develop personalized programs for our clients & athletic programs based on their specific wants and needs. Our team succeeds because we care about each and every one of our clients and work tirelessly to make sure they are getting the results they want while ensuring they are doing so in a safe and effective manner.

We are a leading educator, bridging the gap for our clients in health, fitness, exercise and nutritional sciences. We evaluate our client’s fitness & health goals and create customized strength and conditioning programs & protocols, and if needed nutritional plans.

We bring a holistic & intense approach to personal training. Our training philosophy revolves around health and physical well being and we push our clients to achieve and exceed their respective goals in a safe and efficient manner.

GTA Fitness is based in Toronto, Canada but has thousands of online & private training clients in 26 countries around the World including the United States, Hong Kong, India & Russia and are constantlyrefining our approaches & expanding to educate and inform our global audience and clients.Personal Trainer - Private Training -