Ever wanted a big muscular back? Ever wanted to build a massive back that will help cement that V look while showing others how strong and healthy you are?

There are several individual exercises that could have been considered for the best exercises for your back post, but I’ve found that these 5 offer you the best potential to strengthen and tone your back.

The best exercises for your back can be found below, but it’s important to discuss females training their backs first.

Women, you don’t need to worry if you follow the same workout as you will not become bulky but rather more toned following the same workout routine due to hormones and calorie consumption.

I didn’t include Pullups & Chinups because they are often too difficult for new trainees. I wholeheartedly agree that Pullups are part of the best exercises of your back so if you can do them, please add them to the current list.

The Pullup/Chinup is one of the best all around moves for your back, your health and your overall physique.

When you gain the foundational strength to move on to these moves, please do so and be sure to add them to the 5 best exercises for your back list.

Best Exercises For Your Back - Pullup

Here are the 5 best moves to build a strong and muscular back.



There is no overall mass builder more potent than a deadlift. It doesn’t matter what variation of the deadlift you do as long as you are doing them.  The deadlift is a popular exercise but is quite often done incorrectly.

Despite the actual muscle tension, the load the movement puts on your body is a massive precursor for the hormonal response we all live for: a surge in testosterone.

This is a compound move that uses various joints so you should always strive to perform the deadlift with good form.

There is no substitute for form as you do not want any forced reps that can be used on smaller isolation moves.

The only other exercise that’s more effective at building solid muscle and burning calories is the power squat but that is not a back centric exercise so we’ll focus one another time.

Best Exercises For Your Back - Woman Deadlift

How To Perform A Deadlift

Stand right in front of a loaded barbell, your shins lightly touching the bar so that you get over it with your body.

Bend your knees and flex at the hips to lower yourself while keeping your back straight and tight.

Grasp the bar using a shoulder-width grip. Squeeze the bar with either a double overhand grip or a mixed grip.

Start the lift by driving with your legs and simultaneously bringing your torso upright by extending your hips.

Remember – this happens simultaneously. Do not round your back at any point – keep it tight and straight for the duration of the move.

Go back to the starting position by “breaking”at the hips, and keeping the back straight.

When the weights on the bar touch the floor you are back at the starting position and ready to perform another repetition.


Barbell Bent Over Row

The barbell row is a staple in any muscle-building and strength routine. This is an old-time complex barbell classic move.

The reason this exercise is still around is because it has stood the test of time.

A good, strong barbell row, performed properly, packs just about as much punch as anything in the gym.

This exercise is used by bodybuilders as a serious mass builder for the back.

Best Exercises For Your Back - Barbell Bent Over Row

How To Perform The Bent Over Row:

You can perform this exercise with a pronated (palms facing down) or a supinated grip (palms facing up) and your arms at various widths.

If you experiment with lighter weight you will feel the focus of the exercise move with the different grips, presuming you are doing your form correctly.

A shoulder-width underhand grip will increase lat involvement. A wide overhand grip involves overall back musculature.

Holding the the barbell at arm’s length, bend your knees slightly and bend your torso forward, maintaining a tight, straight back, until it is almost parallel to the floor.

The barbell will be hanging in front of you, beneath your shoulders.

While you keep your upper body still, lift the barbell up towards your body.

Keep your shoulders down and lead with your elbows to make sure you use your back.

At the top of the move squeeze your muscles briefly and then lower the bar back to the starting position.

That’s one rep.


Dumbbell One Arm Row

This exercise is often done in the gym but done incorrectly. 

It may not be a barbell move but it certainly does its job in blasting the back and getting the blood pumping.

This is in almost every bodybuilder in the world’s back routine and this staple is a must use exercise for developing a thick back.

Best Exercises For Your Back - Dumbbell One Arm Row

How To Perform The Dumbbell One Arm Row:

Kneel over the side of a flat bench by placing your knee and supporting arm on the bench.

The level of your hand relative to your body can be adjusted to modify the angle of your torso.

Position the other leg slightly back, and to the side, with your foot firmly planted on the ground.

Grasp the dumbbell tightly and, contracting your back and lats, pull the dumbbell up to make contact with the ribs.

Lead the move with your elbow.

Squeeze at the top of the move, then lower the dumbbell back to a dead hang. Keep your shoulder level and do not tilt your torso to try throw the weight up.

Focus on engaging the back muscles for the exercise. Avoid tilting your torso to cheat.


Seated Cable Row

This exercise is a great move to really target the middle back and take the back pump to another level.

Like all back exercises where there is a load, focus on keeping the back straight, do not round it, and avoid swinging your torso back and forward to avoid hurting your lower back.

If a V-shaped back is one of your goals from exercise, then the seated cable row will definitely help you achieve it.


Best Exercises For Your Back - Seated Cable Row

How To Perform a Seated Cable Row

Sit slightly forward on a low pulley machine and grip the cable attachment.

The standard here is a neutral grip (palms facing each other), but you can use various bars and grips to alter the exercise’s focus.

While holding onto the attachment, slide your hips back, keeping a slight bend in your knees.

Pull the cable attachment towards your waist, focusing on engaging your back muscles.

At the top of the move, squeeze, and then return your arms to an extended position under control.


Lat Pulldown

The lat pulldown is a great move that really gets your lats firing.

A predominantly lat dominant exercise, the pulldown can be modified with various grips to target different areas of the back.


Best Exercises For Your Back

How To Perform a Lat Pulldown

Sit down on a pulldown machine, adjusting the knee pad to suit your height. This is important to prevent your legs and body from raising off the seat as you pull heavier weights.

Grab the bar overhead, with a grip wider than shoulder width, with your palms facing forward.

While you are holding the bar overhead with both arms extended, lean back no more than 30 degrees, keeping your natural lower-back curvature, with your chest pointing up and out.

Engage your lats and pull the bar down towards your upper chest. Draw the shoulders and upper arms down and back.

At this point squeeze your shoulder blades together, before returning the bar to the start position in a controlled manner.

  Best Exercises For Your Back

By utilizing the 5 best exercises for your back, you’ll see a change in your physique.

Your waist will begin to look smaller while your upper body will be more defined with more toned shoulders, a stronger back and more definition throughout.

The best exercises for your back are not the only exercises available, but if you wanted to focus on 5, these would be it.

Keep in mind to add Pullups when you gain the strength and confidence to do them.


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